Body Back #11- Sugar Detox

Body Back Sugar Detox collage

I’m sitting here drinking something I think I invented, but have not Googled it to see if I actually invented it. I call it “Honey Milk.” It’s really what it sounds like. We’ve had two snow days here and everyone was all like, “Hot chocolate!!! Snow day!!!” Then I was all like, “Wait! I can’t! Our Body Back challenge for three days is no sugar!”

Our instructor Christie has challenged us to eliminate processed sugar. We can have natural sugar like honey and maple syrup. Sugar, fructose, dextrose and a bunch of other sugars disguised with fancy names are out. I really wanted my warm, sweet, snow day beverage fix. Here’s what I came up with:

Almond Honey Milk:

1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 tbsp. honey

Sprinkle of cinnamon to taste

Heat milk in a saucepan or microwave. Stir in honey. Add cinnamon. 

After I drank this I realized the almond milk was sweetened. Womp womp! So much for my quest to avoid sugar. I will make sure to buy the unsweetened almond milk. I’m pretty sure Trader Joe’s has unsweetened vanilla. You can also add vanilla extract.

We don’t have sugar cereals around here. Actually, we don’t eat much cereal. Which is insane, because that’s all I used to eat. Charlotte saw some “Frozen” cereal in the store. No. Everything the child has is embossed with  a goofy snowman or “so-close-yet-so-far” sisters. I can’t buy her “Frozen” cereal that is really just Lucky Charms. No way. I also try to keep the candy to a minimum and we keep desserts to once or twice a week. But, hidden sugar is EVERYWHERE! It creeps in everything we eat. Bread, peanut butter, ketchup, oatmeal etc.

Oh! Another fail in the sugar ban: salad dressing. My favorite Balsamic Vinaigrette from Trader Joe’s also has sugar. That’s why it’s so delicious.

salad dressing collage

This has made me realize how extreme my sugar addiction is. For real, I could eat dessert after lunch and dinner. I could drown a waffle in syrup every morning. Gah! Waffles! I have not had a single delicious, sugary latte since Body Back began six weeks ago. I’m not craving them anymore. I think if I keep reducing my sugar, I won’t feel that craving as much. Honey and fruit as natural sweeteners have been the way to go for me and quite literally kept me afloat.

Have you done a sugar detox? Did you eliminate everything? Even honey? My girl Erin did a sugar detox recently as well. Let me  know what is working/worked for you! 


Body Back #10 Workout Love- February 15, 2015

It was Valentine’s Day this weekend. So, naturally this happened:

valentines workout

No! It’s not what you think you perverts! Plus, he’s not that lucky to have me take pictures of it. This is me doing wheelbarrow push-ups while he is in a wall sit. Our Body Back instructor Christie gave us a Valentines workout to do with our lovers. Ugh! “Lovers.” I hate that word. In the immortal words of Liz Lemon “That word bums me out unless it’s between the words “meat” and “pizza.”

Okay, she gave us a workout to do with our husbands. We had to do each exercise 14 times. (Get it? Feb. 14th?) Then repeat the whole series again.

Valentine’s Partner Work-Out

1. Wall Sit/Tri-Dips

–One person is doing a Wall Sit while the other person is doing a Tricep-Dips on their knees. — SWITCH POSITIONS

2. Plank High Fives

–Both are in plank while doing high fives. Both right hands clap then left.  –SWITCH POSITIONS

3. Wheelbarrow Push Up/Wall Sit Squat

–One partner is in a wall sit while holding other partners legs so they are in a plank. As the plank partner does a push up, the wall sit partner squats down slightly.–SWITCH POSITIONS

4. Dynamic Lunge

–Stand arm distance away holding each other’s hands. One partner lunges forward with right leg as other partner lunges backward with left leg. Reverse motion so right leg partner lunges back and other lunges forward with left leg.  –SWITCH LEGS

5. Back To Back Partner Sit-ups

–Sit on the floor back to back. Hold arms together. Stand up slowly while straightening legs and pushing against each other’s backs. Then slowly sit back down. 

6. Core Partner Leg Toss

–One partner stands up with feet hip width apart. Other partner lays on the floor with head near partners feet. Hold onto their ankles put legs up in the air. Standing up partner pushes legs down while laying down partner tries not to let legs hit the ground. Then bring legs up slowly. –SWITCH POSITIONS

Naturally my husband wanted to get frisky as we got sweaty. I told him there was to be no funny business until the workout was done. He had trouble with this rule. I mean, can you blame him? These buns are getting tight!

Yet another reason to do Body Back, ladies. Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey?


Body Back #9, The Team- February 12, 2015

My Sunday night conversations ranged from Katy Perry, to Miranda Lambert, to Kanye West’s antics. Yep. The Grammys. I wasn’t alone, thank goodness. My step-brother stayed over with me so I could go to Body Back in the morning. Tuesday night we helped make Valentine’s cards for a very excited 4-year-old. My step-sister stayed with me so I could go to Body Back in the morning. Greyson was traveling for work this week. I needed them. So, yeah. I have the greatest family ever.

making valentines

I realized no one does Body Back alone. You have to have a support system. You have to have a team behind you. Your husband, your kids, your friends and extended family have to be your team. This is a great 8 weeks, but a focused, intense 8 weeks. You have to have someone with your kids when you go to your workouts, obviously. But, it’s also great to make others aware of what you’re doing too. More than once in recent weeks friends have remembered that I’m likely not up for Five Guys or Baskin Robbins right now. Treats are not off-limits, but if I’m committing myself to this 8 weeks, I want to stay focused. Intense workouts at 5:30 am and eating whole foods impacts those around you. Your changes influence the lives of those you love.

Thankfully, I don’t work out alone. My group for this session is five women and our instructor Christie. Body Back alumnae frequently join our class as part of “Body Back Boost.” It’s a great group. We have a private Facebook group so we can keep in touch all week long with Christie’s homework, recipes, inspiration etc. I see them getting leaner. We all look stronger than we did 5 weeks ago. It’s really amazing to see. I love it.

They obviously all know I’m writing about all this on the blog and are putting up with my blogging requests. Nicole even agreed to take a makeup-less “sweaty selfie.” God bless her. See, it takes a team to do this.

sweaty selfie


Girl Shirt Boy Shirt- February 10, 2015

I wanted to dress the kids in their Tar Heel gear in honor of the beloved long-time men’s head basketball coach Dean Smith. He died this weekend. When I had a boy after having a girl there were surprisingly quite a few outfits and onesies I could pass down to Baby Brother from Big Sister. Yellow and green pajamas, plain white undershirts and sports shirts come to mind.

We had lots of sports stuff. All our family’s alma maters, both NFL teams and our NHL team. The shirts go on and on. I found this one in Henry’s size.

tar heels shirt cropped

I looked at him. Something looked funny. It took me a second, then I noticed the little white hearts and the puckered sleeves. Oh, technically this is a “girls shirt.” I thought for a second about leaving him in it. If it took me that long to notice, who cares, right? I chuckled and changed his shirt.

Then I got frustrated that I chuckled at this situation. I was frustrated at myself for changing my son’s clothes. I imagined for a second that my children were reversed, that I had a boy first and a girl second. If a little sister were to wear her brother’s old t-shirt it would be “cool” or “fun.” If my son wears his sister’s shirt, it’s humorous or even degrading. Even as a one-year-old it somehow emasculates him to wear a “girl shirt.” It goes back to the “guys dressing in drag is funny” thing. I love the little hearts, personally. For my daughter it was awesome. We’re girly-girls but we also love sports and cheering on our teams. That’s just who we are. But, I changed my son’s shirt.

If I can accomplish one thing as a mother raising a son it would be that one day he is in a locker room, on a playground or gym and corrects another boy for using the term “like a girl” in a derogatory way. (That Super Bowl ad. Loved it!) Even if he never corrects another, I have done my job if he never says someone is “like a girl” in a bad way.

It’s funny, though. I never said the word “princess” to my daughter and she found the pink sparkly magic all by herself. I never said the word “train” to my son and he is suddenly fanatical about trains and trucks. There is something to be said for “kid stuff” in general, though. My daughter loves “Cars,” my son watches “Sofia The First.”

If I’m such a feminist, then why did I change his clothes? Well, I figure I’ll start my kids out in the traditional garb of their gender and they can make their own decisions later. My daughter loves dresses. That’s what she likes and chooses to wear. If one day my son wants to wear his sister’s old “Frozen” shirt. I’ll cringe for whatever ridicule he may face. I’ll warn him some people may be rude about it, but I’ll let him make the decision.

Before the basketball tournaments I’ll find a “boys” Tar Heels shirt for him. I’ll be a feminist example through actions, not wardrobe.


Body Back #8- Halfway

We’re halfway through Body Back. We’ve been at it for 4 weeks. 4 to go. Part of me is very sad about this. I’m enjoying it. I don’t want it to be half over. The other half of me is very excited because I’m seeing results. I was 7 or 8 lbs. down in the first 3 weeks. At Stroller Strides the other day, some of the Body Back veterans told me I looked good and they could tell a difference in my physique. I walked a little taller and held in my core a little tighter. Hells yeah, ya’ll!

Then I look at this pic and realize I have more work to do. Then I remind myself to be kind to me. I’ve gestated and birthed two remarkable humans with this body.

4 weeks of Body Back

I don’t think I’ll lose weight tomorrow morning when I weigh in. You know how you can just tell sometimes? I lost 3 lbs. last week, but this week was different. I was hungrier and lazier. Well, I won’t say lazier, but a lot more tired. I worked out 4 days instead of 7. (Except for the planks. Those were everyday.) It’s amazing to me how I’m disappointed in myself for “only working out 4 days.” Before Body Back, 4 workouts in a week would’ve meant I was a fitness rockstar worthy of multiple desserts and another beer.

Our instructor Christie made a great point. We made it to the “21 day mark.” You know how they say, it takes 21 days to make a habit? Can this Body Back life be a habit? Logging on My Fitness Pal everyday, forever? Eh, likely not. But, being aware of what I’m consuming and how much I’m working out? Yes. That can be a habit.

Okay, we’re about to start a new week. After a week of  “taking it easy.” It’s on. I feel rejuvenated. No resting on my laurels. 4 more weeks. It’s on.