Cookie Monster Wears Panties Too- January 3, 2013

Since I’ve been getting all Auld Lang Syney around here, I’ll update you on another little goal for 2013.

We’re ditching the diapers this year.  Yep, Santa Claus brought Charlotte some big girl panties.  I figured finding them in her stocking would bring some enthusiasm.  She’s been doing okay, but we’ haven’t been hard-core potty training yet.  She freakin’ loves her Pull-Ups.  I’m now convinced Pull-Ups are just more expensive, glorified diapers.   I think they had to be invented by the same marketing a-hole that started putting kid cereals on the lower shelves of the supermarket, right at preschoolers’ eye level to torture parents into buying high-fructose corn syrup nuggets disguised as breakfast.

Anyway, we started with panties after I washed them at Christmas.  The panties enthusiasm was so strong it backfired on me.  She wanted to change to a different design EVERY time, even if she kept them clean and dry.  It became a holiday panties fashion show.  In her mind, why keep them clean if you have to wear the same ones?  Why not wear Elmo panties now, pee in them, then wear princess panties later?

Panties for EVERYONE!  See…

These are clean. No, the dog is not wearing any.

Today marked the day we would start potty training for real at school.  Her teachers have potty trained hundreds of kids and know what they’re doing.  They put the kid in underwear and take them to the potty every 15-30 minutes on the dot.  Pull-Ups go back on for nap time.  I brought her in a Pull-Up to the class.  Charlotte proudly took her panties into the classroom and showed them to her friends.  This is a big deal in the Twos Class, lemme tell ya.  The kids oohed and aahed over her stack of 2T drawers.  Charlotte beamed as she rushed straight to the potty with her teacher, tugging her pants to replace the Pull-Up with her beloved panties.  I figure this is the only time it’s appropriate to show off her underwear for the whole class.

Only 2 accidents.  Not too shabby for the first day.  I’m really starting to appreciate my own underwear, and potty-training teachers.


6 Responses to “Cookie Monster Wears Panties Too- January 3, 2013”

  1. Julia says:

    Hahaha great post! And GOOOO Charlotte!!!

  2. Heather says:

    First Cookie Monster has an image crisis about being the “Veggie Monster,” now these pictures of him dressed in lady’s panties! He’d better be careful or he might get fired like Elmo!

    Seriously though, I’m curious, has Charlotte had any consistency in her pull-ups potty training at home? We’re just getting started and fumbling our way through it!

    • Amy says:

      Ha! Nah! Nothing consistent with Pull-Ups at home. It’s been the panties and the full-on training at school that has worked the best.

  3. I’ve got to get started on potty training my youngest. He is currently fascinated with flushing the potty, so I thought I would empty his diapers into the toilet and let him flush. Now he comes to tell me that he pooped and I need to go put it in the potty for him. FAIL!!

  4. Erin Lane says:

    Gotta love those 2’s teachers. They had A trained in a week and we’ve never looked back. E is going to be another story altogether. I’m scared.

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