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30 Days Hath November- November 30, 2012

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Do you recognize one of the girls in these pictures?  Look at the one on the far left in the first picture and the one on the far right in the second.  That’s me.  Age 19 I think.  Look at how friggin’ cool I was.  I’m with my Finnish roommate, Suvi on the left.  She was an exchange student my sophomore year, and totally amazing.  I’ve tried to find her online in recent years.  No luck.  The shot on the right is me with some of my sorority sisters.  Sometimes I miss these days.

I remember going out this night.  Again, I was really friggin cool, so I used a fake ID to get into a bar with Suvi before taking her to yet another American fraternity party to meet up with my girls.  It was right after Thanksgiving break, late in November.  I always think of this night on the last day of November.

At the party I sipped on a Zima with the girls.  (Ew, I know.)  This sweaty, stumbling guy who may have been cute at the beginning of the night came up to me.  At this point he was like, eight PBR’s in.  (Ew, I know.)  Eventually he asked, “Let me get your number. When can I give you a call?”  I smiled and said. “November 31 is good.”  He slurred, “Alright! November 31, it is.  I’ll call you girl!”

Funny thing.  I never heard from the guy.


Suds and duds- November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

These two soaps don’t seem that different do they?  They are both placed at sinks in my house.  They are both, no doubt, chock full of Sodium Laureth Sulfate.  They both effectively clean hands.

According to my two-year-old, they are completely different and worthy of a complete meltdown.

Charlotte and I went to the bathroom sink to wash our hands after a potty-training session that resulted in no waste elimination. That’s okay.  I figured I would set a good example and wash our hands anyway.  Plus, I don’t want her to be that person that only washes their hands when someone else is in the public bathroom.  (Ew!)

I pumped a dollop of Soap #1 in her little, grubby hands.  It’s a delightful smelling, clear liquid soap.  She said, “Soap!  Soap!”  I said, “Sweetie, you have soap on your hands.  Rub them together and let’s count to 20!”  She screamed, “No! Soap, Mama!”  I pleaded with her to understand that she did, in fact, have soap on her hands.  I’m assuming because it’s near invisible soap and she couldn’t see it, she lost her freakin’ mind.

She thrashed out of my arms and ran through the house before putting her hands in her mouth and wiping soap in her eyes.  You know, the soap she swore she didn’t have on her hands.

I grabbed Soap #2 off the kitchen counter and took it into the bathroom.  After getting Soap #1 off her face, I pumped Soap #2, a foaming soap, into her hands.  She was delighted with the foam.  “Soap!  Soap on my hans!”

Okay, so she needs to SEE the soap.  Toddlers.  ::ooph::

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s child has misunderstandings like this.  At least it’s a clean misunderstanding.


Boot straps- November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I’ve been a little pouty the past few days. I haven’t been myself. I haven’t done my best work. I’ve been putting off all these fantastic blog posts I’ve had in my head. I’ve let the house get a little messy. I haven’t felt like cooking and our family has dined on cans of soup or Gerber Toddler dinners. I may or may not have only eaten leftover pumpkin pie for dinner last night.

You know how it is. Sometimes you just feel like wearing your hair in a ponytail and throwing on your glasses instead of primping. Good Lord! Please don’t tell my mom I haven’t finished the Thank You notes from Charlotte’s birthday. It doesn’t make it any better when I see over-achieving moms on the Internet with their gorgeous photos and stunning Christmas decorations already up.

I’ve just had two days of blah. Days where I killed a few moments making pictures like this on the iPad.



I could blame it on the cold I’m fighting. In recent months we seem to be passing around the same daycare snot nose between the three of us. I could blame it on the drab, drizzly weather. I could blame it on a post-Thanksgiving carb coma.

I could, but I won’t.

This post is me clearing my head and pulling myself up. I’m capable of more than mediocrity and I’m better than the blahs. I’m better than some lame-o who doesn’t do her best or compares herself to other people online. We have a great holiday planned and I have high hopes for 2013. With the sniffles waning, my body is begging for some exercise.

Deep breath. Shake it off. Let’s do this.


The man with the bag- November 25, 2012

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

We have had a wonderful extra-long weekend celebrating when the religious zealots who helped found our nation, dined with our land’s natives.  Ah, Thanksgiving!  Charlotte loved the Macy’s Parade and was very well behaved for a two-year-old shopping on Black Friday.

This weekend it became clear there is a new man in my daughter’s life.

Sure, Daddy is great and Elmo is fun.  But, my girl has been after a man of mystery.  You know the type.  He shows up once a  year, but leaves your head spinning a few months before, wondering if he’ll really be there this time.  Oh!  The wait is so worth it!

Anywhere we see a beard or red hat, we’re sure to hear “Sana Caas!!!”  We ask her, “Charlotte, who did you see at the Christmas parade?” “Sana Caas!!!  Sit on Sana Caas yap!”  Let me remind you I showed her a picture of her on Santa Claus’ lap ONCE!  This child has remembered and has not stopped talking about when she will sit on “Sana Caas yap.”

She and I braved the mall this weekend because, if I’m being honest, I love the hustle, bustle, and bargain shopping of the holiday season.  Charlotte saw Santa through the glass as we went down the elevator.  I saw the line.  Ugh!  But, it seems my girl has a way with the new man in her life.  Yep, we caught Santa on his way to the crapper.  He was kind enough to stop for a quick cell phone stroller shot with my girl.

She was thrilled with this Santa-sighting, but still wants to sit on his “yap.”  I guess we’ll have to wait in the line with everyone else.  She’ll realize we are just commoners who don’t really get one-on-one time with the season’s hottest celebrity.

When we ask her what she wants from Sana Caas?  She shouts, “A baby!” That’s when every set of eyes in the room move straight to my midsection.  It is no doubt all pooched out since I am no doubt eating pie or something.  That’s when, between mouthfuls, I explain that she wants a “baby doll” and that I am not pregnant.

Is it Christmas yet?



Pulling up- November 18, 2012

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Lookie what Charlotte and I bought during our weekly pilgrimage to Target!

Boom!  That’s right, folks.  We’ve decided to give the neglected little potty I purchased on a previous pilgrimage 6 months ago another try.  Our pediatrician recommended that the parents of girls buy a potty at 18 months and start talking about it.

For the last 6 months that’s pretty much what she did.  She would sit on it and brush her teeth.  She would point to her Sesame Street buddies and talk to them.  She would beg for her potty occasionally after seeing one of us perched on the commode.   (This was no doubt after busting in uninvited.)  She dropped a deuce twice, dribbled a few drops a handful of times.  Good, but nothing consistent.

Now that she’s two, we’re going for it.  I don’t want to push it, but she seems a little more ready.

The signs we’ve seen:

  • She seems increasingly uncomfortable with a messy diaper.  She reaches back there and tries to take it off if it’s soiled.  (Ew, that cannot happen.  Seriously.)
  • She wants to sit on her potty more often.
  • She was psyched about the Pull-Ups.  She would not let me put a diaper on her after buying them.  I tried to put on a diaper and she screamed, “No!  Pull-Up!”  She said, “Chalette big girl!”  I told her if she wore it, then she had to sit on the potty and at least try.  She was okay with that and we got a #1 out of it.  Score!

I was ready to roll-up the rug and go for it with the three-day method, as crazy as it sounds.  Greyson squashed that thought and the doctor agreed with him.  She said she understood that some parents had great success with the three-day method, but that it was a tad extreme.  She said that since Charlotte is a daycare kid, she will likely be potty trained pretty soon.  The doctor went on to explain how in daycares, toddlers are typically put on a tight potty schedule.  That, combined with positive peer pressure is a good way to get trained-up quick.  Charlotte is scheduled to move from the “Toddlers” to the “Twos” class very soon.  Potty training is a huge focus in that class.  (God help those teachers!  Remind me to get an excellent Christmas gift for them.)

So I think the plan for now is to put her in Pull-Ups with the rule that she must sit on the potty if she wears Pull-Ups.  (I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off any time soon.)  I like these guidelines from the Mayo Clinic.  I mean, who am I to argue with them?

I am typically a Pampers mom.  They did not have Pampers Easy-Ups in her size, so we went with the Huggies Pull-Ups.  Do any of you have brand preference here?  I am a terrible yuppie blog mom because I never cloth-diapered my child.  But, I’m willing to give it a shot if cloth training pants work better.  Any words of wisdom?

What method did you use?  Am I reading all of her signs correctly?  Am I doing this too soon?  What do you all think?