Real Estate Hate- October 8, 2012

After what we’ve been through in the past three months I’m convinced that buying and selling a house brings out the worst in people.  Strangers basically pick the lock and wander through your home while you’re not there, judging the size and cleanliness of your closets before criticizing your paint colors.  If that’s not enough, they whine about your lack of counter space while totally overlooking the new carpet you just put in.  Then they put in an insultingly low offer while hiding behind their white-toothed Realtors.  Assholes.

I know this because we have both been these assholes, and been the victims of them.

Greyson and I are always appalled at the snobby things people say on shows like “House Hunters.”  They act like they are somehow entitled to granite countertops and “his and her” sinks just because he works in IT and she’s pregnant with their second child in the suburbs of Cincinnati.  (Yeah, we watch too much HGTV.)

It hurts my heart to think about the negative things people might say when they’re touring my house without me.  Don’t they know this is the house where we set up our first Christmas tree as newlyweds and brought home our rescue dog?  Don’t they realize we ate doughnuts in the yard with our best friends during the neighborhood garage sale?  Hello?!  We lovingly painted that nursery upstairs and our baby rolled over for the first time on the living room rug.  We loved here.  We live here.  This is our home.

And we’re choosing to leave it.  It’s an emotional thing.  So, I’m deciding to be gentler as I wander through others’ rooms in the homes where they loved and lived.

Except for the offers.  I’ll be an asshole hiding behind my Realtor.  It’s a buyers market and I’m counting on vicious white teeth.  (He he, Realtors really do have noticeably white teeth.  Am I right?)



7 Responses to “Real Estate Hate- October 8, 2012”

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m so with you Amy. I’ve not had the experience of trying to sell a home yet but I have had the experience of buying…and buying from a lady who was selling it herself. I think we may have gotten off real easy with our buying experience. Keep the faith! I know it’s cliche to say, but things will eventually fall into place. :-)

  2. Heather says:

    We did the buy/sell shuffle 5 years ago and I’m in NO hurry to ever do that again! Such a stressful time and we didn’t even have kids at the time. (Although I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet) Good luck – it will be worth it when you’re in your new house!

  3. Fun mama says:

    Fun drinking game: Everytime a husband mentions the size of his wife’s shoe collection, drink.

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