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Jackpot- March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Like millions of Americans we woke up this morning to the glaring reality that we were not millionaires.  Not even close.  Our chance was  1 in 176 million.  Yesterday the convenience store I stopped in was packed with Mega Millions hopefuls so I didn’t even bother picking meaningful numbers.  I joined them because I’m a money grubbing whore like everyone else I want to support schools in our state by participating in the North Carolina Education Lottery.  I just gave the clerk 10 dollars and got my 10 random, yet ultimately unlucky number combinations.

I tucked the little paper in my purse before Greyson and I headed out for a date night.  This of course sparked the what-we-would-do-if-we-won-640-million-dollars conversation.  “After taxes it would be ONLY about 300 million,” I reminded him.  Greyson chuckled at my naivite at exactly how much fortune that is.

This is what we would have done if we had won:

  1. Get legal representation and financial advice pronto.  I am a Dave Ramsey fan.  (Seriously.  I listen to his show nearly every day.  I love hearing about  how people get out of crazy debt.  I know, he’d kill me for playing the lottery, but whatever.)  I told Greyson we would have to fly to Nashville to meet Dave Ramsey.  He was saying on his show Thursday that big time lottery winners often lose everything and have a very high divorce rate.  We would need to devise a plan on what we would invest in and how we would save.  I’d also want us to get marriage counseling as this  would change our whole lives.
  2. Do the obligatory media interviews and press conference.  I don’t have a problem with doing satellite interviews with CNN and talking with all my former local news colleagues.  No doubt someone at some network would be so enchanted with our charming little family that we would be offered a reality TV show.  Greyson and I agreed, no reality TV.  It’s bad enough that we’re instant gagillionaires.  We need our privacy, people!
  3. Set up college funds for Charlotte and Baby Version 2.0 so they can go anywhere they like.  Except Alabama.  Or Duke.  (War Eagle!  Go Tar Heels!)
  4. Pay off this house and buy another.  We’d still live here in Raleigh and rent this one.  We’d also like to invest in other real estate.  We would then buy a house at the beach.
  5. Pay off debts of our family members.  I don’t want my sister and brother-in-law, nor my step-brother or step sister to have any student loan debt.  We would only pay debts once, though.
  6. Trips!  We’d have an awesome family vacation.  Then Greyson and I would head to somewhere exotic and remote for a week or two.  (Yes, just a week or two.  I’m not gonna be that far from my baby for that long no matter how rich I am.)  
  7. Buy new sunglasses.  I just need some and I know I’ll want to spend more than necessary.
The million dollar question, “Would we quit our jobs?”  I feel like it would be a full time job to keep up with this type of money and investments so honestly, probably yes.

As it got down to the drawing last night I got more and more worried we would actually win.  (Shut up!  I hear you laughing!)  Seriously.  I feel like I’m so unbelievebly blessed in my life I don’t want to mess it up.  We always want more “things” like new sunglasses, but honestly I have everything I could really want.

My odds of meeting Greyson and having Charlotte were more than 1 in 176 million.  I already hit the jackpot.



Oh the humanity!- March 27,2012

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Can I vent?  Wait.  Of course I can.  This is my blog.  I can do what I want.  Here we go…

Three events in less than a week have caused me to lose a bit of faith in humanity.

1. I made the mistake of venturing into Forever 21 this weekend.  I have long sought a nice, affordable top to wear with this GORGEOUS flowy skirt I’ve had for a few years.  I’ve never found just the right thing to go with it.  I saw a top in the right color and went in grimicing at the teeny-boppers and the too-loud music.  Of course the perfect top I saw in the window was slutty and cheap up close.  I had to nearly elbow my way through the sea of Bieber fans to the back of the store wishing I had earmuffs on.  Why must the music be so loud?!?  I did find something and made my way to the lines at the register.  They were getting long and one of the clerks announced all four lines would be open.  I got stuck with a mother in front of me and her daughter and I’m guessing niece behind me.  Niece will henceforth be known as “Dumb Girl.”  They moved over to the next line when it opened and I stepped up.  Mom, daughter, and Dumb Girl moved to the next line.  That made me next in my line and Dumb Girl next in hers.  The mother paid.  Dumb Girl wasn’t paying attention and the clerk motioned for me to come forward to her line.  Are you following?  Here’s an even more confusing diagram…

I stepped up as I was told and Dumb Girl says “Oh no!  I was next!  You were in that line!  You need to move,” she said wagging her finger.  I wanted to snap that chunky appendage.  I responded, “I was in front of you!”  “No!  you were in that line!  You need to get back over there,” she shouted.  Someone may have heard my blood boiling if the music wasn’t so loud.  Dumb Girl noticed this and said, “Don’t get all mad.  It’s not that serious!”  (She says this after making a huge deal about it.  If it wasn’t that serious than you wouldn’t have been so rude about it, now would you?  See!  Why can’t I think of that sensible retort in the heat of the moment.  Instead I only think of it in italics during a blog post later on.  Ugh!)  The clerk stands there like a moron and says nothing.  She rings up Dumb Girl.  Dumb Girl turns to me and says all sarcastically, “It’s all yours, ma’m!”

I turned and said the only thing I could.  “Oh, SHUT UP!”

I know that telling her to shut up wasn’t very  nice of me, but I was in the right!  I’m just glad my child wasn’t with me.  I need a Forever 31.  Let me know when they open that store.

2.  During my workday lunch break at Trader Joe’s my heart hurt a little as I saw mamas with babies about Charlotte’s age.  A little girl about 2 was pushing one of those little shopping carts around “helping” her mom.  It was so sweet!  She was toddling about a bit too fast and BOOM!  She fell over and hit mouth first on the edge of the kiddy cart.  It flipped over.  She screamed.  Blood dribbled down her chin and on the floor by the dairy case.  Everyone turned to see a terrified mother scooping up her wailing babe.  Trader Joe’s staffers rushed to her aid, offering ice packs and ambulance rides.  Once I saw that the situation was under control I quickly continued my shopping.

But, I seemed to be the only one.  Most stood there gawking for way longer than necessary or appropriate.  The little girl stopped crying.  The mother determined stitches probably wouldn’t be necessary as the bleeding had stopped.  Another woman clutched her children tightly and shook her head at the scene.  You would’ve thought she was looking at puppy strangler.  Mind your business, people!  Lord knows the mother didn’t want anymore judgmental eyes on her and Trader Joe’s didn’t want a lawsuit on them.
3.  I loved The Hunger Games movie.  I’m a huge fan of the books and was thrilled with my movie-going experience with my dear friend Sara.  We raved about how they didn’t stray too far from the books and that the casting was perfect.  I giggled at the ridiculous citizens of the Capitol come to life and cried when Rue died.
I was devestated to hear of the racist criticism online of the casting of Rue, Thresh, and Cinna.   If you haven’t read this post by then take a look.   It’s unbelievable to me that A. People didn’t realize Rue was black.  It was pretty obvious from the books.   B. That with all the racial tension following the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, that people would think it’s okay to say dumb crap like that on the Internet.  And C.  Someone would say that about a CHILD actor.  Yeah, a child who got to be in a hit movie.  How exciting and amazing for her!  I pray her parents dismantled her computer.


Anyway, when things like this get me down I try to spend time with the little human I created to feel the good in humanity.


No more madness- March 25, 2012

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

We gave up after our first Baby Bracketology video because Charlotte sadly picked the Witchita State Shockers to reign supreme in Men’s College Basketball.  Gone is the dream of my 16-month-old having a near-perfect bracket and chuckling with Matt Lauer during our satellite interview with The Today Show.  (Oh, wait.  The tournament is on CBS.  So it would be The Early Show.  Meh.  Okay.)

Our beloved North Carolina Tar Heels battled their coach-sharing rivals, the Kansas Jayhawks in the Elite Eight today.  Here’s a glimpse.


Greyson couldn’t sit the entire game.

Until the last 3 minutes when he glared at the TV with disdain.

Then he hate-Tweeted and posted snarky Facebook status updates.

With this final score our season ends and the madness is over.


My new obsession- March 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Toddler curls.  I love them.  I twirl them in my fingers and bury my face in them before stealing kisses from the soft cheeks they brush against.

Oh, and I take lots and lots of pictures of them.  I don’t think she understands my fascination, but I want to remember them forever.  I want to savor them before they go away.


Jerry genetics- March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

All her life my mom heard how much she looked like her aunt.  At family gatherings when she was young people would say, “You must be Ruth’s girl!”   She would reply with a laugh, “No, I’m Tom’s daughter!”

It really shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise when in the recovery room at the hospital I held my fresh, squishy little newborn and thought, “I just gave birth to my sister’s baby.”  Lots of people look like their aunt, uncle, or grandparent more than a parent.   Charlotte certainly looks like her Aunt Julie.

Last night I had the privilege of hanging out with some fabulous bloggers here in Raleigh.  Gals like Suzanne, Erin, Fadra, Andrea, and Andrea.  I was so happy to see my old college buddy Beth Anne, too!

Fadra was complementing my adorable baby’s big blue eyes.  I thanked her and said I couldn’t take credit for those.  They’re my sister’s eyes.  My eyes are green.  Then Beth Anne stated the obvious in a way I had never thought of.

“Oh yeah!  Charlotte looks like your husband and your sister had a baby together,” she said laughing.

Oh my God!  She’s totally right.

::insert redneck/inbred/North Carolina joke here::

I’m gonna go with a 1997 joke.  “JERRY!  JERRY!”

I mean, eeww, despite the obvious ick-factor,  genetics ARE like that.  My mom texted me this picture the other day as she was flipping through old photo albums.  I put Charlotte’s next to it.

I think everyone wants their baby to look like them, but if my daughter looks like anyone else in the family, I’m glad it’s my sister.  She’s beautiful inside and out, and tomorrow is her birthday.  Happy 28th Baby Sister!  I’m proud of the woman and aunt you’ve become.