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Bella birth- November 20, 2011

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

It’s been awhile since I lost myself in the novels chronicling the supernatural love triangle that made Forks, Washington famous.  I must say, I read the awesome books BEFORE the mediocre movies came out.  Last night I got to revisit the Cullens with some of my BFF’s.  Sara, Colleen and I went to see Breaking Dawn part 1.  I really wanted to see hot vampire sex the film adaptation.

I read about Bella’s pregnancy and childbirth before I ever got pregnant.  After seeing it on the big screen, I gotta say, “Congratulations Bella!  You win the award for most gruesome birth ever.  I’m quite sure no other woman’s baby sucked the life out of her like your little demon did.  Drinking blood during your pregnancy makes my apple cider vinegar seem pretty tame.  I’m also certain no other woman’s husband injected his deadly venom into her heart in the delivery room.  Enjoy motherhood.  Even with all those Italian vampires trying to kill you, it’s gotta be better than your gestation.”

Occupy Parade- November 19, 2011

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

We joined our friends with their bundled up baby and braved a chilly morning.  We headed downtown to the Raleigh Christmas Parade.  The early date of our city’s parade amuses me almost as much as the tweens clad in glitter American Idol t-shirts.  They gathered in gaggles to get a glimpse of Scotty McCreery.  He is our hometown kid and served as this year’s Grand Marshall.

Here’s some of our adventure…

In the wagon, all bundled.  He he!
Our spots.  Yeah, we’ll get there earlier next year.  
Our little family
Isn’t this the “Dad” thing to do at parades? 
This was the last time we saw this paci.  Hey Occupy Raleigh protesters, you all have been at the State Capitol.  If you see that paci, email me.  Not because I’ll want it back, but because I would find that hilarious.  
Baby snack break!
My loves  
Laughing as my baby has a meltdown.  We left after this.  
Please note it is 11:51pm, but still a post for today!  I made it before midnight in my quest to post every day in November.  Boo yah!  

Getting some- November 18, 2011

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Yesterday I was trying to convince Greyson we should go with our friends to the Raleigh Christmas Parade tomorrow.  Yes, our city has it’s Christmas parade the week before Thanksgiving.  It is often 70 degrees and not too Christmasy, but it should be cold tomorrow and I think it would be great.

Me:  “We went back when we were dating!  Remember?”
Greyson:  “Yeah, when I was trying to get some.”



To prevent a predator- November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

I’ve been shaking my head in disgust at the news out of Penn State.  Greyson and I have followed the story almost daily since the story broke.  As sports fans we’re exasperated.  As parents we’re frightened.  

If anything good is to come out of this awful situation, it has to be parents around our nation shouting this….
“Hey perverts!  You’re not going to prey on our children anymore!  The era of secrecy around child sex abuse  is over!  We’re going to do everything we can to protect and empower our kids!”

Greyson said, “It just goes to show we can’t trust anyone blindly with our child.”  No, we can’t.  But, we also can’t assume every teacher-soccer coach-violin instructor-scout leader-camp counselor who works with youth is a predator.  But, I believe there is something we can do. had this article with some excellent ideas on this from experts.  Tracie is an amazing blogger, child sex abuse survivor, and total inspiration.  Both the Parenting experts and Tracie have shared good ideas about prevention.  
There are things even parents of young children can do.  Advice that sticks out to me is something I’ve said from the beginning.  Call  your body parts what they are.  In our house we will use the words “vagina”, “breasts”, and “penis.”  From the start.  (Read the Parenting article with more on why.)  Tracie said it best in this one post when she said, “I wouldn’t send my daughter out into the world telling her that her nose was a ‘hoo hah’.   Why would I tell her that’s what her vagina is called?”  
So we’ll start there.  I figure that’s the first step to arming my kid against creepy dudes like Jerry Sandusky.  Allegedly.  

Nose pose- November 16, 2011

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

If we didn’t know it already, we know it now.  Our baby is a genius.

Last night after Charlotte’s bath I slathered her dry little arms and legs with moisturizer.  I wrestled her wiggly body into hot pink pajamas before brushing her sweet smelling hair.  It’s one of my favorite times of the day.  We play this little game where I point out “Mama’s eyes” and “Charlotte’s eyes”, or the facial feature du jour.  
Last night was a nasal lesson.  I said, “nose” pointing to my schnoz.  After repeating this multiple times she pointed to her nose and said “noe.”
I scooped her up, smothering my little scholar with kisses.  I whisked her into the kitchen to show Daddy.  She showed off her trick again.  
We told her how proud we were of her as we discussed preschool programs at Harvard and Oxford. 
I went to pick her up from school today and the class note said they were reading a story about faces and she did it again!  She even did it one more time for me in class.  Well, sort of…
Yeah, she kind of looks like she’s picking her nose.  Well, we’ll at least save for a decent State University.  I still say she’s above average.