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A stranger’s view- September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Sometimes it takes a stranger to give you perspective. 

Yesterday I went to pick up Ginger from the groomer/doggie daycare place we take her every other week. Charlotte was in the car.  She’s teething and she hadn’t taken her regular afternoon nap so she was fussy and out-of-sorts.  This of course meant I was fussy and out-of-sorts.  She passed out on the way there.  Sweet! She’s asleep!

Oh crap!  I have to get her out of the car to go in and pay and get the dog.  Lord help the mangy mutt that wakes up my baby!
I left her in her car seat and carried the whole seat inside.  Stay asleep, stay asleep, stay asleep. I surveyed the scene at checkout.  There was a couple ushering out some quiet dogs, two women at checkout, and a staffer.  I thought we’d be okay. I mean, you could hear the dogs in the back barking, but she would most likely sleep through that. 

I set her down in the carrier while I paid.  Just then, a squishy, big-pawed puppy bounds out of the back room, dragging a young staffer behind him. The pup sees his owner and lets out a yelp before crashing into Charlotte’s car seat. 


The crying begins.

I stoop down and try to comfort her with a paci that hurts her tender little gums and she wails some more.  The puppy’s owner apologizes and quickly leaves.

I look up and see the other woman looking down at me as I rock the seat back and forth.  The woman asked, “How old is she?”  “She’s 10 1/2 months.  Uggh!  She’s off her sleeping schedule and she’s getting some more teeth.  She’s driving Mama crazy,” I replied.  I asked her, “Do you have children?”

That’s when I saw the look in her eyes.  It was a slightly empty, sad stare.  It’s the look I’ve seen on the faces of friends struggling with infertility.  Her voice was very low, “No.  I wish we did. We’ve been trying.  We don’t have any children yet.”  

The staff brought out our dogs and we left as she took one more look back at my baby. 

My baby.  The one I’m so lucky to have in my arms.  She’s a teething, fussy, out-of-sorts, beautiful, miracle I’m ashamed to say took a stranger to appreciate. 


Game show- September 28, 2011

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Like so many, tired, ragged, working parents, when Greyson and I got home from work yesterday we faced a sink full of dishes and uncooked dinner.

Cue Monty Hall:  “It’s time to play Let’s Make a Deal!”

Greyson- “Okay, I’ll make a deal with you.  You want to load or unload the dishwasher?”
Amy- “Someone has to cook dinner too.”

I thought, “Hmm, this makes Door #1 interesting.”

A: “I’ll unload while I cook.  You load.”
G:  “Deal.”

Now it may seem I got the worse deal since I was taking on two tasks, but I knew dealing with dirty dishes meant washing bottles and that’s a task I’d rather pawn off on a husband distracted by the video game he was turning on.

Just then the other two little creatures in our house came knocking on the proverbial Door #2.

A:  “Okay, I’ll make a deal with you.  You want to walk the dog or change the baby?”
G:  “I’ll walk the dog.  I changed a huge poop this morning!” (He went on to describe this epic poop.  Ew.)

I knew he’d picked the “Zonk” behind this door because I had been home longer and knew the dog had one on deck.  He had to pick up doggie solid waste while the baby delivered an innocent wet diaper for me.

Okay, we have some cleaning to do tonight.  I’ll let you know who wins the third round as we wheel and deal our way through marriage.  Considering I’m in the lead, I expect Door #3 to swing back and smack me in the butt.  At least I’m not wearing a stupid costume or being forced to chat with Wayne Brady.  (Apparently he hosted a version of this show too.)


What I learned on my vacation- September 27, 2011

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

So yesterday I told you all about all the hard lessons we learned on this past long weekend during our first family trip to Canada for a wedding.

We learned a few more things, like in a town called Sutton, Quebec there’s a historic inn called Les Caprices de Victoria.

We learned when you’re there you could possibly find one of the rooms with the same name as your daughter and pick that room to stay in.  
We learned it was the kind of place where you can toddle along cobblestone sidewalks.
We learned a vineyard like this exists and you could get married there.  
We learned sometimes the bride forgets the groom’s ring and Greyson can save the day by slipping his off and giving it to the bride as everyone laughs.  Congrats Amy and Greg!  We love you!
We learned sometimes the girls need to put their party dresses on.
We learned you can’t forget your party shoes, even if they come off by the end of the night.
We learned Charlotte will dance and start the party when she’s ready.
We learned baby love knows no national borders when Charlotte found a Canadian boyfriend.  We warned her he could just be after a Green Card.  
We learned we can still dance all night even though we have a baby.  
We learned a little wine makes the songs a little sweeter.  
And I learned Greyson can make me cry when I see him point to the bride and her father on the dance floor and whisper to Charlotte, “Someday that will be us.”  Then I cry some more when I see her dance with her silly Daddy for the first time.  
We wouldn’t have learned any of this if we hadn’t taken all the lumps of traveling.  

Traveling with a baby, eh?- September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26th, 2011

It only took 5 planes, 3 states and a District of Columbia, 3 airlines, 2 countries, 2 TSA breast milk vapor inspections, one rental car, and no stroller, but we did it!  We took our infant on an international trip.

If you read my previous post, you already know it was an ordeal getting to Quebec for the wedding of our friends Amy and Greg.  The wedding and festivities were wonderful.  I’ll post about that tomorrow, but  today I’ll tell you about what we learned traveling.

This is at some airport, somewhere along the east coast.
  1. Continental Airlines sucks-  We won’t be flying with them again since they’re the money sucking whores of the skies.  This airline cancelled our flight to Burlington, VT 30 minutes before takeoff.  Instead of helping us catch another one, they shoved us off to standby on another flight they knew was already booked before promising us another 36 hours later.  There was no way we were staying in Newark for that long, but of course they refused to help us fly in to Montreal.  Even with an infant getting fussy, they brushed us off before Greyson had to nearly jump the counter to make them find us a flight on another airline.  That of course meant going back through security before flying delayed to Philly to Burlington.  What was supposed to be 6 hours of flying took 16 hours once we drove across the boarder to Quebec.
  2. If you’re without a stroller, bring the baby carrier-  My husband admitted he was totally wrong in leaving our totally sweet stroller at home.  During one of our delays I had murderous envy in my heart as I watched another mom push her sleeping babe in the same Bumbleride Indie we have.  It had a simple tag on it so they could check it in at the gate.  I TRIED explaining to Greyson how that worked.   I considered knocking her over and tossing Charlotte in with this kid.   Our salvation?  We brought the Ergo Baby Carrier!  Charlotte napped snug against my chest as I raced across the airport.  Good workout!  Greyson prefers carrying her on his back.  The great thing about the Ergo is it goes either way.
  3. They have to test your freakin’ bottles- They did the little “vapor test” on my breast milk.  Really?! The TSA agent even acted like she was surprised a bottle would be more than three ounces.  If they had needed to test my boobs, we would’ve gone home.  I support the War on Terror and I know my boobs are bangin’, but I promise they’re not explosive.
  4. My baby loves reading SkyMall-  Charlotte must have been looking for a designer dog bed, or desktop waterfall because she loved the SkyMall!  We let her tear the hell out of those things as other passengers gave us the stink eye.  Whatever!  It says we can take copies of it and it’s free.  Letting her tear it meant she wasn’t crying.
  5. Vermont smells like pot-  But, it’s beautiful!  I was a wonderful drive 1 1/2 hour drive to Sutton, Quebec with all the leaves changing!
  6. Canada isn’t cold all the time-  This was my first visit with our neighbors to the north.  You tell a southern girl she’s going to Canada and she runs out an buys her baby a new parka.  Oops, it was like 75 degrees the whole time.  (Excuse me, 23.8 degrees Celsius.)  I kind of expected to cross the boarder into a blizzard with a Mountie on a moose waiting to take me just a few kilometers to a Doctor’s appointment for some free universal healthcare.  None of that happened.
Help us newbie American parents out.  Travel tips?  We’re open to worldwide suggestions.

Oh Canada!- September 23, 2011

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Bonjour!  Did I say that right?  Probably not.  I’m a spoiled American who rarely learns the language of the country I’m visiting.  I haven’t been here on the blog because we’ve been learning the hard way about traveling sans stroller through three airports out of the country with a 10-month-old.

Yeah, it was a total cluster$*+# (that’s French for cluster$*+#) to get to Quebec, but now that we are here, it is wonderful and we’re with wonderful friends through a long weekend.  We’ll be back soon with more on our ridiculous adventures.  
Au revior!