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Paging Dr. Brown- April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

The other day I was standing over the kitchen sink once again.  I painstakingly washed bottle after bottle.  Looking at my countertops it dawned on me….

Dr. Brown owns my ass.  Owns it.

We wash by hand most often because if we put them in the dishwasher we’d run it with just bottle stuff like twice a day.  

Dr. Brown’s bottles aren’t just bottles.  There’s the tubes, the nipples, the caps, and the magic rubber stopper things that mean you will never have a colicky kid.  There’s even special little pipe cleaner-like brushes to clean said rubber stoppers.  It doesn’t stop there.  Oh no.  The genius who is Dr. Brown convinced me to buy a Dr. Brown’s thermal tote, a Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer, and a Dr. Brown’s bottle brush to match the little pipe cleaners.

Like all well-meaning new parents I registered for the bottles I heard were the best.  (All my friends having 2011 babies are getting Tommy Tippee’s.  I feel so “out”.)  Fortunately Dr. Brown’s fit on the end of my Medela pump.  Unfortunately, I’ve found they leak.  Greyson said to me the other day as milk dripped down his hand, “If I ever meet Dr. Brown.  I’m gonna punch him in the face!”  I said, “How do you know it’s a guy?  What if Dr. Brown is a woman?  Would you punch her?”  He responded, “I’ll punch every Dr. Brown I see!”

Good to know he’s not sexist about it.  Good to know she doesn’t have colic.  For all this work, she better not get it or Dr. Brown will get a beat down.    


"Is this bad?"- April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

This is amateur parenting at it’s finest, folks. Last night was a big step. (I’m not sure why the video uploaded as “April 11″ but it was yesterday. Anyone know why?) Anyway, we got her all ready in her brand new Svan high chair and got her new bowls and spoons from the Easter Bunny. I pumped fresh milk and carefully followed directions on the box of organic rice cereal. All that preparation led to uneventful sputtering. Maybe we should have waited until the cold/cough subsided. I attribute the coughing to that. I know she wasn’t choking on the cereal as I barely put the spoon in her mouth. I’m also wondering if the seat is a little too big. I might put her in the Bumbo chair with the tray and try again tonight. Any thoughts?

Easter- April 25, 2011

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Okay, my Instagram madness continues.  Until I’m an amazing photographer and have the dough to buy a sweet camera, indulge me and enjoy glimpses of our awesome Easter weekend courtesy of my iPhone.

Dinner with Grandma

Greyson with Charlotte in the Lille Baby carrier.  I’m IN LOVE with that little hat!  (Charlotte’s hat is cute too.)
Saturday was our 6th Anniversary.  We went to the Umstead Spa for massages and had brunch at Herons.   It was amazing.  
A flower I liked at the Umstead.  
My little chick.  (Yeah, she wore the same onesie two days in a row.  I mean, when else can she wear the “My First Easter” onesie?)  
Charlotte’s Easter basket.  It’s mine that my Grandma made for me in 1989.  I added the wooden “C”.  She got bowls & spoons in anticipation of baby food!  She got bubbles, a bathing suit, sun hat, & bunny.  (She may or may not have gotten Starburst jellybeans and Cadbury Eggs that suddenly disappeared.)
Hey Grandaddy!
A ridiculous, yet amusing petal headband from Grandaddy.  Poor kid, she let us put it on her head & take pictures even though she got a little fever and is still fighting off the snots.  
My favorite.  Mama and baby outside in the wonderful weather.  

Mommies and yogis- April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Charlotte and I have been stretching our minds and bodies in Mommy and Baby Yoga class.  Each Saturday we get in our comfy cotton-blend pants and head to the loveliest little yuppie baby spa.  Our incredibly fit, breathy-voiced instructor plays lullaby renditions of Green Day or Bob Marley.  I feel like an American Idiot in some of those positions.  It’s tough holding a 13 lbs. squirmy little one while holding a warrior pose.  My thighs scream, “No Woman!  No Cry!”

The first week we came in and I met all the other babies.  We got home and I was telling Greyson about 6-month-old Reese, 4-month-old Riloh, and the other little yogis.  (That’s what the breathy teacher calls them, “little yogis.”)  I realized then, that I never learned the mom’s names.  I got so embarrassed when I thought about the fact that I hadn’t even really introduced myself.  The teacher said “Who do we have here?”  as she looked at Charlotte.  I proudly responded “This is Charlotte, she’s 5 months.”  Okay, great, but since when do I not tell someone my name when I meet them?  I’m incredibly proud to be “Charlotte’s mom”, but I’m still Amy.

I think of this Yogi every time she says “little yogis.”  

The next week I made a point to know Christine is Riloh’s mom, and Kate is Reese’s mom.  Moms, have you lost your identity a bit?  Do you find yourself only being “mom” sometimes?  I’m making a point to try to remember the woman that I am as I get used to my new mama identity.

It’s been a great bonding time for Charlotte and I.  She loves playing on the yoga mat.  The teacher instructed the mom’s into a pose where our faces were close to our babies as they laid on the mats.  Charlotte had rolled over on her tummy and was playing with one of the organic toys they provide.  My face was in line with her cute little bum.  The instructor whispered her counts to hold the pose.  That’s when I smelled the unmistakable odor of baby breast milk gas.  Yep, my little yogi farted right in my face.  She turned around and gave me a little giggle.  Namaste.


Sadness- April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

After writing my post this morning (see below), we learned a fourth child died in the tornado.  My stomach turned and I got choked up after hearing 6 month old Yaire Quistian Nino died.  She had been in intensive care since Saturday.  My baby daughter is 5 1/2 months.  Her family doesn’t live far from us.  They could’ve been friends.  My heart physically hurts for this child’s mother.   Rest in peace sweet girl.  Go play with your brother and cousins in heaven.  They are the other three.

Photo courtesy of Raleigh Police Department