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Stick to baby in one year- February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28th, 2011

One year ago today I took a test.  It wasn’t a hard test, mind you, but I was proud to have passed with flying colors pink lines.

I know.  I peed on this.  That’s gross.  I’m sorry.  
Back then I was still toying with the idea of a pregnancy/baby blog.  Greyson and I were talking and one of us said “Whoa, I guess this means we’re gonna be somebody’s parents.”  Thus, the name of this little blog came to be.  This is by no means my “blogoversary” because I just wrote posts like a journal until “going live” with the blog in late April 2010.  But, in the spirit of the the day we were positively pregnant, here’s the first post I ever wrote.  

Our junk works!- February 28, 2010

I felt funny.  I just knew.  I really just knew.  I was going to wait until March 1, a new month to find out such big news.  The First Response insert said to wait.  Then it would be 99.9% accurate.  I can’t compete with those odds.

But, after Greyson and I came home from watching the USA/Canada Gold Medal hockey game in the Olympics, I had to. We ate chicken wings and chips with our best friends Dave and Trish.  I had to have a Ginger Ale afterwards.  I played off the Ginger Ale by telling Trish I went to “the bad place.”  (This is Trish’s euphamism for eating so much you regret it.)  It was the end of my work week.  I couldn’t wait anymore.  

So after falling asleep for the end of the game.  (I know, it was a buzzer beater Gold Medal game, but I was pregnant…even just barely so.)  My hockey lover came home later, a little deflated the US team lost.  I stared through him, hearing just parts of his rambling, “….Ryan Miller named Olympic MVP,” and “I just don’t think Crosby is the best guy in the league….”  

At this point, I got up off the couch.  “Okay, I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but I’m doing it now.”  This got Barry Melrose’s attention.  “A pregnancy test?  Is it time?” he asked.  “Yep,” I said.  

So I grabbed the remaining stick in the package in the bathroom.  I took the other about two months ago.  This was the fourth month sans birth control.  I was shocked at how quickly both pink lines popped up.  I gave it a minute, okay, like 15 seconds and I peeked around the corner of the bedroom into the living room and grinned.

He smiled back.  I showed him the test.  “See, two lines.  I mean, I know it’s gross ’cause I peed on it,” I said.  “One line isn’t as dark as the other.  Is that okay?” Greyson asked.  “Yeah, it’s okay,” I said.  (I confirmed this with a quick look-up in What to Expect Before You’re Expecting a little later.)  

We looked at each other a little bewildered, not sure what to say.  He grabbed me and held me among hugs and kisses.  He even got on his knees and kissed my flat (ish) belly.  

We talked about being careful and not too excited.  It’s so early.  But, I said, “At least we know our Junk works.”  We high fived.  

Before we fell asleep we laid in the bed and said a prayer for strength and help.  We were both too tired to realize what changes were ahead and how we should appreciate any nights left alone.  
Isn’t this cuter than a stick I peed on?  Isn’t amazing one leads to another?


Mama award- February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Last night I so badly wanted to stay up and watch the Oscars.  (It’s “Oscar,” not The Academy Awards anymore.  Get hip people.)  Alas, my funky schedule did not allow for that, but I did sneak in a little Red Carpet watching before bed.

My favorite dress by far was Natalie Portman’s.  As a recently pregnant woman I found it lovely, elegant, and stylish.


The best part for me though, was seeing a young mother-to-be reach the pinnacle of her career.  A generation or two ago, you wouldn’t likely see a mother, let alone a pregnant woman, working and accepting awards for her work. (Yeah, I know, she wasn’t pregnant during the filming of Black Swan, but you know what I mean.) During her acceptance speech, Portman mentioned her “most important role” upcoming as a mother.  It is, but I hope she’ll continue making awesome films as a new mom.  I wish all pregnant chicks and moms got a night to dress up and get awarded.  Natalie, enjoy that trophy for all the mamas!


Past pictures I forgot to post- February 25, 2011

Friday, February 25th, 2011

We’re getting Charlotte’s 3 month pictures done this weekend.  (Yeah, I know, at almost 4 months.  This working mom thing is no joke.)  I’m trying to figure out her portrait layette.  The photographer told me to bring 3 outfits, which of course means I’m bringing 5.  

Anyway, I realized I never posted her fabulous newborn photos done by Kimber Lynn Photography.  My little Sugar was only 2 weeks old!  So tiny and sweet!  So indulge me as I play the cliche new mom and bombard you with photos of my baby.  I await your comments about her adorableness with baited breath.  ::wink::  Happy Friday! 

Love this pic!  It’s funny, she was so sleepy at this age it was hard to get a good awake shot. 

All of these were taken in her beautiful little nursery.  I laid her in the drawer and she just flopped her arm over the side. 

He he!  Look at that silly face!  Seriously, this basket is so small.  This was the only shot she got before Charlotte had had enough. 

This was the pic for the birth announcement.  (see post below) 

My favorite!  My heart bursts when I see this pic of my little family.  I just wish Ginger was in it too! 


A hail from the Chief- February 24, 2011

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

When we got married in 2005 I totally meant to sent a wedding invitiation to President and Laura Bush.  I heard you get something in the mail.  It completely slipped my pre-nuptual bride brain.  That’s probably why I didn’t get an invite to Jenna Bush’s Texas soiree.  (Why that girl would give up a White House wedding is beyond me.  I digress.) 

So when I sent out Charlotte’s birth announcement/Christmas card, I decided to address one to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Why not?  I’m sure the President and First Lady care about my little baby being born.  Well, she was born Election Day.  That’s a day the Obama adminstration could have used some good news admidst the GOP smackdown.


Ok, you can’t tell how gorgeous these were by this pic.  Yeah, I know.  I should’ve uploaded the sample from the site and blurred our name on Picnik.  But, a crappy picture from my phone is the best I can do on a busy Thrusday.  Sorry.  I didn’t even know they made Christmas themed Birth Announcements! They are perfect for babies born in Oct.- Dec.


I had honestly forgotten about it until Miss Charlotte Eva got this in the mail addressed to her specifially….

What a lovely message!  No matter your politics, I think it’s important for kids to know who was President and what was going on when they were born.  This will go in Charlotte’s baby book for sure. I know this is just a form letter, but it fueled my ego for my kid to get props from the Prez.

Now I’m just waiting for my invitiation to the Royal Wedding.  Hey William and Kate, if you read this, Greyson and I will have the steak.

Sick- February 23, 2011

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

My mom called  me Wednesday last week after talking to my aunt.  “Lana’s really sick,” she said.  I pictured little Lana’s big, sparkling, blue eyes.  My cousin’s daughter is just 18 months old and absolutely precious.  Mom continued, “She was in the hospital with the flu.  Now she’s back in the hospital with pneumonia.  It’s bad.”



Lana and Charlotte meeting this fall when Charlotte was just 2 weeks old, and Lana was about 15 months.  
Greyson called me Thursday last week after dropping Charlotte off at daycare.  “One of the teachers is really sick.”  He went on to explain how Ms. K could barely talk and looked exhausted.  Greyson asked, “Should we call the Principal?  What’s their policy on sick teachers?”  
We both agreed one of us would call the Principal.  We were both very busy at work, but agreed it would be best to check in.  I got a free moment about 30 minutes later.  I said, “Hi, this is Amy, Charlotte’s mom.  My husband and I were concerned because he said Ms. K really seems under the weather.”  She said, “Yes, I just got off the phone with your husband.  I told him our policy is the teacher goes home if she’s running a fever.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t realize he had called too.  I’m sure that was overkill.  I’m sorry to bother you,” I said.  We were totally “those parents”.  I felt stupid for us not communicating and deciding who would call.  But, I couldn’t help but wonder about that policy.  I mean, you can be sick as a dog without running a fever.  I let it go.  They are the childcare experts.
The Principal called me about 3 hours later as I was working to finish up at work.  “Hi, I just wanted to let you know Charlotte is not taking her bottle and she’s running a fever of 100.3.”
::dash across the office to my boss::
I finished the call, “Thank you, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”  I looked up at my boss.  “She’s running a fever,” I said, getting choked up.  “It’s okay,” he said.  “She’ll be fine, babies get fevers all the time.  Just finish up and go,” he said.  I blurted out, “But, she’s so little!”
::run back to my desk::
I wrapped up some work very quickly.  As I darted out the door I heard my co-workers saying, “Drive careful!”  I called Greyson.  Voicemail.  I called again.  Voicemail.  Dammit!
I drove, picturing nothing but my ailing little baby.  Nothing, nothing would keep me from my child.  What happened?  How did she get sick?  Who made her sick?  Why won’t Greyson answer the phone?  
I called the doctor and made an appointment immediately.  I texted Greyson.  Yes, it is illegal to text someone while driving in North Carolina.  Yeah, just let a cop try to pull me over as I’m trying to get to her.  Just try.  The test message did it.  He called and said, “Dammit!  I gave it to her.”  He had been sick for close to a week.  “What if the teacher got her sick?”  I assured him she wouldn’t have caught it from the teacher just that morning and other babies in the class were sick.  She probably caught it from them.
I walked into the class and scooped up my little sugar.  She smiled.
The doctor said it was a little virus and she was soon fever-free.  After a day of rest, Charlotte was completely fine.  Maybe it was all the worry over Lana, or maybe it was just the first sickness, but it was a terrible feeling.  Lana is home from the hospital and on the mend.  Everyone in my house is now healthy.  
I just wonder if this will be how it feels every time she gets sick, or just the first time?