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Time to blog?- January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Here I am, smack dab in the middle of the first full week back at work.  We’re getting into a groove.  Every day we’re making little changes to get things right in our daily regime.  But, I’m having trouble finding time to meet ya’ll here at my little corner of the Internet.  (Nevermind the makeover that’s desperately needed around here.  One day this will be officially a baby blog instead of a pregnancy blog.  Bear with me.  ::sigh::)

So here are my questions for working moms… (I do believe all moms are working moms.  That is not a slight to SAHM’s.  You have a lot on your plates too.)  How do you find time to blog?  What is your blogging schedule?   How has it changed?

Here’s my situation.  I work 4:00am-1:00pm.  Sometimes I leave work as late as 2:00pm or 2:30pm.  I get the afternoons and evenings with Charlotte.  Greyson gets her up in the morning and puts her to bed at night.  (This breaks my heart.  I’m living for weekends so I can be with her when she goes to sleep and wakes up.)  I have to be in bed by 8:00pm at the latest.  I don’t often have time during my work day to blog, but I can try to sneak a post in here or there.  Oh Lord!  When am I ever going to get to responding to comments my blog on top of visiting the fantastic sites of all my best blog buddies?

Okay, I’m off to play with the baby, do the dishes, and cook dinner.


Infantile bills- January 24, 2011

Monday, January 24th, 2011

It cost more than $7,000 dollars to have our baby.  That price doesn’t include baby furniture, and baby stuff we bought.  I’m just talking about the hospital fee.  Unlike many Americans we have  pretty good health insurance and only had to cough up about $160 of the 7K.  Not too bad.  We are lucky.  

I made my way out to the mailbox this weekend and it was this bill that caught me off guard…

Really United Healthcare?!  Really!?  A bill for 60 cents.  60 cents.  It probably cost more to print this bill and mail it to us.  Let me get this straight.  You’re a multi-billion dollar company and you can’t cover 60 more cents for my baby to get a life-saving vaccine.  Yep, that’s right.  This is for one of Charlotte’s shots.

We’re not paying this right now.  I want to see how long until they contact me about this bill, then maybe I’ll dig between the car seats and cough up some change.  Hey, maybe they’ll add a late fee to make it worth it to write a check.  I’m willing to sacrifice the overdue charge for this little experiment.  Any guesses on how long until they contact me about this ridiculous bill?

It’s enough to make me want to move to Canada.  I hear Canadian babies are free, ‘eh.  


Sweet friends and technology- January 22, 2011

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
BORING!  In real life I have an iPhone in a bright pink case.  
This is my work Blackberry.  For 12 happy weeks I let it sit dormant with a dead battery as I went about my mommy ways.  This week, it was back to all it’s beeping and buzzing glory as the real world reared it’s ugly head.  But, we did it!  We made it two days as two working parents.  We were totally exhausted.  I have new respect for all moms and dads in the workforce.  

Earlier in the week Charlotte and I were out grocery shopping.  She was adorably snuggled in the Moby Wrap as I stocked up to get us ready for when I went back to work.  I was already emotional about the first day back, so of course I ran into a total stranger who’s unsolicited comments made me feel like crap. A woman admiring my baby stopped me and asked me all the usual questions.  How old is she?  How’s she sleeping?  I mentioned I was going back to work later in the week.  She said, “Oh!  Don’t do that!”  Oh, sure lady.  Salary and benefits be damned!  I’ll just quit.  As if I wasn’t dreading it enough, I don’t need you giving me the working mom’s guilt trip.  Shut your trap!

Honestly, I forgot all about that woman when during my day I was able to read wonderful little notes from friends.

I got this from Meagan, an old high school friend on Facebook…

Hey Amy! Thinking about you today and sending you strength! Charlotte is lucky to have such a wonderful Momma!

Or this sweet Tweet from Melissa.  A friend from middle school I reconnected with on the Internet…

@ – Let me know how it goes today. Thinking of you on your first day back!

Blog readers and fellow bloggers whom I’ve never met in person, but have made their way into my heart wrote this on the blog…

Cameron said…
Big day!!! I’m praying for you!! You’ll find a groove that works for you! You’re gonna do great at this working mom thing!!

I got this text from my sorority sister, Nicole…

Happy 1st Day back!  Don’t speed too bad on the way home!  LOL!  Hope its been a good day so far!

My sister-in-law Hilary is a fellow working mom and she called with kind words of understanding.  Then I got home and of my favorite people, Trish, brought me these…

Aren’t those prettier than a Blackberry?!
I feel so blessed, so supported, and so loved.  We can do this, even if we’re this tired after just two days…


I’m back- January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

It’s January 20, the day I’ve been dreading.  But, I’m here.  I did it.  I left her.

She was still sleeping when I headed to work.  I kissed her.  She smelled so sweet.  I keep smelling her sweet smell even though she’s not with me.

I will make it through today to get back to my baby.  Breathe, don’t cry.  You got this.


Facing milestones- January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

We spent Saturday night with our dear friend Amy and her family. This is her darling 6-year-old daughter Ashley as she lost her first tooth. I’m filming. You can hear Greyson and Amy laughing.
I love Ashley’s face when the tooth came out. It’s that wonderful holey grin of First Graders around the globe. Losing your first tooth is a funny rite of passage we all remember so well. I’m so glad we were there to see her face full of excitement as she realized it was coming out, the hesitation that it will hurt, the pride of finally seeing the tooth out, and anticipation knowing the Tooth Fairy was coming tonight. (The Tooth Fairy’s going rate in 2011 is pretty good. I hear it’s up to $2 a tooth! Charlotte’s teeth may not be worth that much. We’ll see in 6 years.)
What you don’t see in this video is poor Ashley’s panic at seeing blood afterward. Clearly it didn’t hurt her when the tooth came out, but somehow the sight of blood made this incident suddenly painful and traumatic instead of fun and exciting. Amy calmed her down with the promise of a Popsicle and some mama hugs.
As cute as Ashley’s face was, what I’ll remember about this night was Amy’s face. It was full of a mix of motherly emotions I’m coming to understand. Amy’s face showed pride that her child was growing up, hesitation that it seemed to be happening so fast, and pain that her baby may be feeling pain.
I understand those feelings now as I watch my baby get ever closer to rolling over. “Look at my baby! Developing and growing. She’s beautiful. But, oh my God! She’s growing up so fast! I’m not ready for this.”
Ashley and Amy, thanks for letting us be part of this moment as we start witnessing Charlotte’s childhood milestones. I know I won’t be the only mother with mixed emotions showing on her face.