Our Original Baby- October 21, 2010

The first Christmas we were married Greyson was in grad school and swore we wouldn’t be getting a dog even though I had asked.  But, Christmas morning I opened a box with a pink bowl, pink leash, and pink collar.  He had even arranged for us to meet a dog that day from a local rescue group.  (I’ve always had puppies. There was NO WAY we were getting a puppy.  We were adopting an adult dog that was trained.)  
A scruffy biker guy met us at a gas station about 30 miles from our house.  He had a little red-haired dog who obviously had been a mama recently.  She was a little dirty from being with all the dogs at her foster home but, she was very sweet.  He told us she was found abandoned on the side of the road VERY pregnant with 6 puppies.  After an emergency C-section,  (the wonders of veterinary obstetrics!) five puppies lived and were all adopted.  She remained.  1 1/2 years old.  We took turns walking her.  When it was time to leave, she tried to follow us to the car.  We got back in the car, eyes full of tears, I said, “I think that’s our dog.” Ginger got some shots and 3 days later, came to live with us forever.  
As sweet as that story is, and as sad as her life was.  Don’t feel sorry for her now.  When I die, in my next life I want to come back as my dog.  For the past 5 years Ginger has lived the posh canine life.  She sleeps in an orthopedic dog bed and eats gourmet lobster meat treats.  (I do not exaggerate the lobster.)  Yep, we do things like take her to the Dog Olympics a few weeks ago.  It’s like she met us that day and was like, “Hmm…these seem like the kind of suckers I can get to carry me around and pick up my poop.  Let me give them the sad, sweet eyes again.”  
Ginger has been a little hesitant around the new baby stuff in the house.  She sniffs it, then ignores it.  She is vehemently opposed to the MamaRoo swing we got.  She cowered in the corner when Greyson turned it on. We spoke with the vet about the best way to introduce her to the baby when we come home from the hospital.  
This is what it’s come to.  Yep, we are those people. Yep, I’m the crazy lady who did a “practice walk” with an empty stroller so Ginger could get used to it.  You should’ve seen the stares from the neighbors.  

We don’t really care how silly it is.  We love her. Ginger is our “original baby” and we’ve done everything we can to prepare her for becoming a “big sister”.  Greyson always says she’s the best gift he’s ever given anyone.  We think she’ll be great with the baby and take it in stride that there’s a new sheriff in town.  She’s no fool though, she doesn’t give me any pregnancy advice unless I give her lobster treat first.  

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  1. vanita says:

    awww, ya' remind me of Marley and Me. She's super pretty and looks well cared for. I'd be afraid to walk any dog while pushing the stroller. if the leash slips my hand and she runs off, what do i do? don't want to run mad, pushing baby over bumps and into traffic, while chasing her and certainly not leaving baby behind.
    I can't believe you're in your last week! YAY! I'm sure you're so ready to walk for one again.

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