I hear it’s going around -October 18, 2010

I’ve heard dads-to-be can have some sympathy pains for their pregnant partners.  I figured this surely must be made up, but it even has a name.  It’s called Couvade Syndrome.  I mean, there it is folks, on the Internet.  Who am I to argue with articles found after Google searches?

I’m no doctor, but I believe Greyson may have come down with a slight case of Couvades.  His symptoms aren’t physical.  He’s escaped heartburn.  But, sadly for him, he’s caught my pregnancy brain.  You may remember when I poisoned my “Baby”.

Here’s two instances that prove pregnancy brain may be catching…

1.  He forgot how old he was-  Greyson’s birthday was last week.  A few days before he says, “Gosh, I can’t believe I’m going to be 35!”  I stopped.  I looked at him very confused.  I said, “Well, you should believe it because you’ve been 35 for a year. You’re gonna be 36.”  “What?!  No,” he says.  He stops and thinks.  I pull out my phone and pull up the calculator.  “2010-1974=36,” I say as I show him my math.  We start laughing.  He says, “Seriously Amy, this isn’t like I just forgot how old I was today.  I seriously have gone this whole year thinking I was 34.”

2.  He made a Facebook faux pas-  Greyson is a very sweet and diligent dad-to-be.  Each weekend we’ve been making all our preparations.  Saturday he was making an updated list of who to call from the hospital after the baby was born.  He found a quick way to update his contacts was through Facebook.  He thought he created a contact list called “Baby is here” and hit save.  What he actually had done was invite a ton of our friends to join his group “Baby is here.”  Needless to say he had to do some damage control that afternoon, reassuring several dozen on the Internet that our baby was indeed still hanging out in the womb.  He even renamed the group “Dammit!”, sending out a note to everyone apologizing for his goof.  Our friend Brett said he couldn’t wait to call to order the first meeting of the “Dammit!” group.

I’m here for you Grey in these last couple of weeks.  I love you.  I feel so lucky you’re the father of our baby who’s working so hard before her arrival.  I understand the pain of pregnancy brain.  But, don’t expect any more sympathy from me since you haven’t had one case of heartburn.

(l-r) Brett, Vinnie, Greyson, and Dave.  No, this is not a meeting of the “Dammitt!” group, but the guys when we went out for Greyson’s birthday.  Careful guys!  Don’t catch his Couvades, dammitt!  

2 Responses to “I hear it’s going around -October 18, 2010”

  1. Julie says:

    Wow, can't believe I'm actually the first to comment on your blog post! I must be getting better at these little sisters duties now that I have access to the internet all day, unlike the old bank days. Anyway, tell dad-to-be no worries, I have to remind Kevin of his Birthday and age on a regular basis…and no I am not pregnant. Love you!!!!! Can't wait for the big day. Everyone at school is getting sick of my talking about you and showing them pics on Facebook.

  2. vanita says:

    oh pregnant brain is definitely contagious! and lasts long after baby arrives.

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