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I’ll miss everything but the heartburn- September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

As I rolled myself around work today, marveling at the fact that I made it 36 weeks with this kid in my belly, a coworker who just had a baby boy really wanted to touch my belly and feel her kick.  (Yes, I have had belly touching issues in the past.  Please note however this was a woman, a friend, and she asked.  She met the criteria for a belly pat and was allowed access.) She said, “I miss him kicking me.  I miss it so much.”  

Seriously?  Like, you miss it, miss it?  Indeed, she said she truly missed being pregnant.  That’s not the first time I’ve heard this either.  

The other day on Facebook I found out an old friend from high school was pregnant.  I wrote to her, telling her congratulations.  I wrote “It is the best!  You will love it!”  After I pressed send to post this comment on her wall and subsequently to the world, I realized how true it is.

I do love this.  For the most part, I have loved being pregnant.   I love my roundness.  I love the kicks.  I love Greyson’s face when he looks at me pregnant.  I love nesting and decorating the nursery.  I love dreaming about what she’ll become.  I love the person I’m becoming.  I love that I love her already.  

Obviously there are some things I do not love.  (See previous post.  Or this rant.  Or this one.)  I do wonder if I’ll be this lovey-dovey about it in a few more weeks as I get more uncomfortable.  Time will tell.  But for now, I love it so much I’m posting the cliche “hands-making-a-heart-on-the-pregnant-belly” photo.  Enjoy!  

I’m pretty sure this is a required picture.  Especially for any pregnant woman who has a blog or is on any social networking site.  Seriously, I think it’s in What To Expect When You’re Expecting.  


Keep it to yourself! – September 29, 2010

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

One month until our due date.  (Good LORD!  Where has the time gone?!)  I’m getting more uncomfortable.  I hear constantly, “You’re so small!”  Which is extremely flattering, but it makes me worry.  The doctor says I’m measuring fine and to not let those comments bother me.

Those comments don’t bother me.  But, there are a lot that do.  Some days I’m not sure I’m gonna make it another month.  Not because I feel physically sick, but because anger may cause me to go into pre-term labor.  White, blinding anger at people I don’t know, and some I do.

See, look how happy I am when people aren’t weird.  
Each of these incidents happened in ONE SINGLE DAY….

1.  Someone actually said to me, “You haven’t dropped yet.  When are you going to drop?”  I wasn’t sure how to respond to this considering this person was asking me about the proximity of my uterus to my cervix AT WORK!  I don’t talk about my cervix anywhere, not even on my blog, but I sure as hell don’t talk about it AT WORK!

2.  A man I know proceeded to tell me to advise my husband not to look “down there” during labor because it’s his “favorite area”  and it could be traumatizing.  I politely thanked him and walked away as soon as possible.  I think he was just trying to be funny, but still.

3.  At a department store at the mall a clerk asked if I needed help.  I asked her where maternity clothes were.  She told me when another customer, a total stranger mind you, interrupted and said, “Are you having a girl?”  I told her I was.  She said, “I can always tell!  I always know because I have three boys.  I can tell because you’re carrying small and wide…blah, blah, blah…”

Now, this lady did not know I had heard the aforementioned comments, nor that I had been awake since 2:30am.  (I work the early shift these days.)  But, I just looked at her and said “My doctor says that’s a load.”  I then turned around and walked away.  I know that’s not polite, but frankly, I’m so sick of hearing weird comments.  I’ve never said anything to a pregnant woman ever about how she was carrying, high, low, whatever.  Partly because my OB/GYN says those are all old wives tales and don’t mean anything.  But, mostly because it’s just a weird, stupid thing to say in general.

4.  After that I went to the grocery store.  I just needed to pick up dinner.  I wasn’t looking to have another awkward incident to write about in this post. The guy at the fish counter was helping me asked all the usual questions that I don’t mind at all.  “When are you due?” “Is it your first?” “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” etc.  When I told him it was a girl and indeed our first he said to me “Oh good, then you can try again for a boy.”

What?!  Are you effing kidding me?  So my daughter isn’t good enough for you?  Basically sir, you just insulted my whole gender.  Nice.  I didn’t say anything.  I just politely smiled and thanked him for my salmon filets.

Members of the American public, just because a woman is pregnant, it doesn’t mean she needs your comments or advice.  Please try and remember that for the next month.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Travels in high heels- September 28, 2010

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Most OB/GYN’s recommend you don’t travel out of your greater metro-area after 36 weeks.  At 35+ weeks this was the last weekend of kicking up my heels out-of-town.  (I rocked the high heels the WHOLE time!)
I went back to my college for Homecoming weekend.  We don’t have a football team, just a lot of awesome old friends.  Typically Homecoming would mean lots of libations in little party dresses with my sorority sisters.  Well, substitute my libations for water and little dress for whatever I could find to fit.  I haven’t been in a few years because I was thinking I was too old to go back to college and pretend to be 19 for a weekend.  But, my sweet friends wanted me to be the designated driver wanted me to have a fun weekend out and convinced me to go.  I must say, I’m SO glad I went.  
Here’s some fun pictures…
Colleen, Heather, Liz, Cassie, and Me (with the baby)  I LOVE these ladies. 

Cortney using a Tide pen on  my belly after I spilled.  I have learned that you often spill on your belly when there’s a baby in there.

Heather, Cortney, and I at our favorite college watering hole.

Speaking of watering holes…this is Cassie’s husband Brian and I being silly.  (I did not really drink the beer even though I REALLY wanted to.)

It was great catching up with people I never fail to have a total blast and lots of laughs with.  I truly treasure my time in college.  I wouldn’t be the person I am without the friends I made in my sorority and the leadership skills I developed.  
But, I did leave early.  Our sorority was having a benefit concert for a scholarship established in memory of a sister.  I was really sad to miss the main event, but I knew Greyson was worried about me driving 1 1/2 hours away.  Before I left he reminded me “his whole life” was taking off in the car.  Plus, I was tired.  
I figure it was just a taste of the sacrifices that come with motherhood.  I plan to keep going to Homecoming and kicking up my heels in the coming years.  But, this year I had to take care of the little kicking heels in my belly.  

Quick Quote Friday (from scratch!)- September 24, 2010

Friday, September 24th, 2010

I love quotes.  I would love to be quoted one day, for anything really.  But, until then I want to feature a cool quote every Friday.  I’m calling it “Quick Quote Friday.”  This is the first one.  Enjoy.

Two of my heroes were on one television set this week.  Oprah hosted Jon Stewart on her show.  Naturally the hilarity ensued.  But, Stewart made one comment that has stuck with me.  Oprah asked him, “What’s the best part about being a parent?”  Without missing a beat he responded, “It is an amazing opportunity to be able to ruin someone from scratch.”
I think this comment brings to light the insecurities all parents and parents-to-be have with good humor.  Stewart goes on to say “They will believe anything you say.”  He joked, “How do you not prank such innocence?  ‘Daddy, are there monsters?’ ‘Oh, there they are.” 
My parents messed with me.  Until I was ten-years-old I truly believed my mother had eyes in the back of her head.  As much as I want my child to value honesty, I know Greyson and I are the types to mess with our kid.  It’s just funny.  Hopefully we can scratch that itch without ruining her. 

The healing powers of BBQ sauce- September 21, 2010

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

There are a few things I believe vinegar should be used for…

  • Salad dressing
  • Dying Easter eggs
  • Neutralizing jellyfish stings
  • Making model volcanoes for elementary school science fairs
  • Eastern NC chopped pork BBQ (Ya’ll come enjoy it with us here in NC!)
  • Heartburn

Yep, you read that last one right.  The plague of pregnancy, the throat burning affliction of acid reflux.  I was on Prevacid or Prilosec for a number of years to treat my GERD.  I stopped taking those and stuck with the more fetus-friendly Zantac and Tums since I got pregnant.  But these days, I’m having to pull out the belly-soothing-big-gun…Apple Cider Vinegar.  

I know.  It’s acidic.  It’s freakin vinegar!  It has to have like the lowest ph of any other food for human consumption.  Don’t ask me how it works.  I discovered this remedy before I got pregnant during a long night of feeling the burn when I ran out of medicine.  Here’s an article.  I had forgotten all about it until a few days ago when I swear my esophagus laughed at the Zantac on the way down.

I take a spoonful in one shot.  I don’t dilute it in water like some of the websites suggest.  It burns, but it works.  The doctor said it was totally fine and completely harmless.  Well…maybe not completely…

Oh, did I forget to tell you it tastes like crap?  It does.  I would SO rather eat BBQ.