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The highs and lows of maternity clothes- July 30, 2010

Friday, July 30th, 2010

We’re leaving for vacation this weekend.  We’re celebrating my birthday with our family at the beach.  I seriously can’t wait!

Excitement aside, that means I had to find a maternity bathing suit…in a size Medium…in August.  You can imagine how successful this endeavor was.  I did manage to find two tolerable suits to get me through the week.    

I leave Destination Maternity with a lighter wallet and a little heavier heart after realizing my teeny-bikini days are on hold at least until next summer.  (I’m trying to be positive here people!) So imagine my mindset when I step into Forever 21.

They have a maternity line there now.  It’s cute, and surprisingly not just made for the girls on that Teen Mom show.  I’ve only seen the clothes online, but I thought I’d wade my way through the Miley Cyrus/Selena Gomez wannabe attire to see if I could find it.  I couldn’t.  I see a woman who works there and I walk back to the dressing room to ask her where their maternity clothes are.

Me: “Excuse me, do you carry the Forever 21 maternity line here?”
Her:  “Ummm, no.  I don’t think so.  But, we have plus-sizes over there.”

She pointed to one end of the store, but my gaze did not follow her finger.  Instead, I looked at her mouth, the source of those words.  I so badly wanted to SOCK MY FIST RIGHT IN THAT MOUTH!  But, because I figure assault charges aren’t very becoming of anyone, let alone a pregnant woman, I refrained.  I let my eyes take in this woman’s whole face.

It was then I realized she wasn’t a woman at all.  She was just a 16 or 17 year old girl.  Okay, she can’t help that she’s so effing stupid.  So, I thought I’d educate her as politely as I could.

Me:  “Right, but I’m pregnant, so Plus Size wouldn’t fit.  Maternity clothes have a completely different fit.  They also carry Plus-Sized-Maternity lines of clothes at some stores.  You’re body is just different when you’re pregnant and you need different clothes.”
Her:  “Oh, okay.”

I felt better after hitting the jackpot at H&M.  A WOMAN employee, over age 21 was happy to show me the maternity line at their store.


Word-more-or-less Wednesday (sweetened up)- July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

If you’ll remember, I promised Word-LESS Wednesdays, not Wordless Wednesdays.  I’ve got too much to say folks.  But, I will keep it short.

I am a firm believer that everything in life relates back to an episode of The Simpsons.  Remember when Bart and Milhouse go on Squishee bender?  Here it is, take a look back….
That’s about how I felt yesterday after drinking this…..
Yum!  Bottoms up!

A registration sensation! – July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Our kid is officially registered!  Someone is gonna buy her stuff!  Cha ching!  We did some shopping around to find the right places.  Last month I voiced my registration frustrations at a few baby buying hot-spots.

Yesterday was the real deal!  We were armed with more than a scanner, but a checklist and heads full of ratings from Consumer Reports.  Have you heard all this about cribs?  I’m pretty sure Greyson and I slept in finger-severing drop-side cribs with lead-based paint coatings.  That’s why we’ll die early of crazy crib cancer.  But, not our girl!  We were good little yuppie parents and had all the facts.  
This was our day….
Mama needed some ice cream to keep her energy up before the scanning craziness.  (Don’t judge, it was 103 degrees!  Nevermind my glucose test is tomorrow.)
Parking spot up-front!
Yes, thank you since we’ll be spending a boat-load here.  
Eww!  Ice cream on the shirt.  I told you it was hot.  
Dad-to-be, armed-and-ready as he makes his way through the bassinet jungle! 
Greyson was a little thrown by the wipe warmer, but then said, “Well, who would want a bitter cold wipe?”  He turns around, sees a package of diapers and said…….
“Whoa!  That kid looks like it just got a bitter cold wipe.”  We scanned the wipe warmer.  
We ran into some stuff we thought was super weird.  My man is a Marketing MBA and couldn’t get past this.  “Look how miserable that kid is.  You have to turn the wheel to see the happy kid.  Bad marketing. I looked and that and all I saw was a screaming baby.  We’re not getting that.  I don’t want our kid to scream.”  

I hated this one.  Look what it says right on the sleep sack thing.  “Back is Best.”  Of course back is best!  Hello!  Anyone who’s read anything about babies in the last 10 years knows that.  Don’t insult me!  This item was not scanned either.  
A victorious Daddy-to-be at the wall ‘o diapers. 
Greyson actually said “I just want to do this once.”  I didn’t have the heart to tell him how not only would be back with the fine folks at Buy Buy Baby, but online tinkering with the registry over and over.  
Oh, my life was complete earlier that day when and I finally found the perfect crib set at Land of Nod so we registered with them too.  (Online only.)  We’re gonna buy some of our stuff from Smart Momma too.  I haven’t forgotten about her.  
Okay, I gotta go now and possibly clean out another closet for all this crap.  


More butt kissing?! #31DBBB- July 25, 2010

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Ok, I know what you’re thinking.  “Amy, you’re writing another post about other bloggers?”  My response, “I absolutely am.”  Not just because it’s the Day 7 task for the #31DBBB ProBlogger Challenge with SITS, but because I have read so many AMAZING baby/mom blogs.  I want to share some.

It’s not butt kissing.  These are all blogs I feel offer something different for not just pregnant women and new moms, but for everyone.  So read on for my latest finds….

1.  A lovely mom and her lovely blog
This is Cameron.  The Ingeune Mom.  She is my newest blog friend with beautiful doe eyes and a beautiful baby girl!  (I want to squeeze this child and shower her with kisses.  So sweet!)  Cameron dealt with some of the same naming issues I’ve been worried about.  Check it out.  The best line?  “Um, no you’re not.”  She also wrote a list of all the things that surprised her as a new mother.  Fascinating.  I look forward to writing a list like that too.

2.  Local girl

This is Erin and I’m convinced I will run into her somewhere in our little city.  We have never met but I’ve tweeted her a few times and checked out her blog.  She’s the Marketing Mama and tells the story of her busy working life with her young son.  Today she wrote a post that I seriously could’ve written myself.  It’s why she writes.  She calls her son the Bug and this amuses me to no end.  
3.  My long-lost sarcastic sister
Since I have discovered “M”‘s blog a day has not gone by that I don’t genuinely belly laugh out loud when I read her blog.  It’s called 1,000 Reasons I’m a Crap Mom.  It’s true.  I tweeted her this week to tell her that I really LOL’d at her post.  Not the insincere LOL like you text back to your friend who just wrote something lame and you are sating them.  I mean posts like this one.  Or this one which I totally understand as my life is increasingly blog-centered.  These make me ROTFL.  Plus, she lives in Costa Rica which is the best place on planet earth and where the Mister and I honeymooned.  So, obviously she’s awesome.
4.  A blogger who forces me to think ahead
This woman is a doula and natural birth advocate.  I have just discovered her blog.  She links so many great articles.  I have not figured out a birth plan and have no idea what to expect but, she has some great insight as I decide what I’m going to do.  I would rather gloss over the carnage that is childbirth and just blog about the healthy 7 lbs. child that magically emerged from my body.  But, apparently that’s not how it works.  
5.  A look back as I take steps forward
My Photo
This is Patrice. Is she not the cutest thing?  I want to box her up in the time that she’s in and save it for her forever.  Patrice is not a baby/mom blogger.  She’s a college girl who blogs about her life in college.  She’s just 20.  I love hearing about summer school classes and sorority.  It takes me back to that awesome time in life.  But, Patrice has more on her plate.  She tells the story of her sister’s battle with cancer.  It’s obvious how much Patrice loves her sister who is finally getting healthy.  
There you go.  If you don’t like these bloggers, you can kiss my butt.  

Ode to the Heir #31DBBB- July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Our task for the SITS Problogger 31 Day challenge for Day 4 is to write about a top blog in our niche.  There are tons of baby/pregnancy/mom blogs out there.  I have tons I love reading as I blog about my own pregnancy and pack on the tons.

Analyzing a top baby blog is different for me.  A blog ranked very high on Top Baby Blogs and now Top Mom Blogs IS A PERSON I ACTUALLY KNOW.  Seriously!  I had lunch earlier this year with true baby blog royalty before I even got this blog up and running.  I really didn’t even know much about her blog until I was beginning mine because pregnancy got me into this niche.

Ok, Mommy Bloggers, brace yourself….I’m friends with Blair from The Heir to Blair.  Be jealous!  (I know it’s like saying “I was friends with Taylor Swift in elementary school and I braided her hair and that’s why it’s all perfectly wavy, blah, blah, blah…”  But, it’s true.  We’re sorority sisters.  No, I don’t have a pic right now for proof.  I know, that’s what all so-called-friends-of-celebrities say.  But, that’s how it’s gonna be today.)
“Blair” is totally  NOT her name.  
I was hesitant to even use Blair’s blog for this exercise because of the fact that I know her and someone might see it as some coattail riding crap.  But, I picked it anyway because it’s a fantastic blog in my niche and all of us doing the #31DBBB challenge could really learn a lot from her.  I admire her for the extraordinary amount of time and hard work she’s put in to making Heir to Blair what it is today.  
Things I think we can learn from Blair:
Honesty:  Blair is so forthright about her experiences with pregnancy, miscarriage, motherhood, and Postpartum Depression that you can help but feel everything she’s feeling.  She writes genuinely, even about controversial topics.  She expresses her views on these issues, but not in a way that is offensive to others.  
Reader relationship:  I think this week all #31DBBB peeps have come to understand the importance of writing for your readers, not just yourself.  She has a fantastic network of other mom bloggers she’s built true relationships with.  She’s made great friends.  
Moved forward:  She’s posted in the past about the business of blogging. Here it is.  She went from Blogger, to Word Press and allowed herself and her blog to grow.  You can subscribe to her RSS feed or follow her on Twitter.  She has ads on her blog that directly appeal to other mom/women bloggers.  Blair has done some amazing giveaways too.  
Organization:  Look how her blog is set up.  The tabs are clear.  She keeps things organized as her site grows.  See this post again.  She actively monitors her traffic.  
So, #31DBBB challengers.  I hope you can learn from Blair.  Even more than that, I hope you find her inspiring.  I know I do as an infant baby blogger.  (Get it.  Infant.  He he!)  But, I think she’s inspiring for all bloggers as someone who loves what she does and just went for it.  
I don’t want to copy her or any other baby blogger.  My blog is different, it’s mine and I absolutely LOVE doing it.  But, It’s been great taking the time to analyze those who are at the top of their game.  Plus, I love her and I’m proud of her accomplishments.  
Let’s do lunch again soon Blair.  All you lovely #31DBBB ladies are welcome to join us, but don’t expect “blog talk” the whole time.